The idea of sex felt forced upon me from a young age.  That changed not only how I viewed it but who I shared it with.  I became rather fluid and open unintentionally.  This same person injected my mind with poisonous insecurities, my first taste of rejection and that need to be wanted.  All before my first real kiss I was broken, my heart damaged, my body disrespected.  The beginning of my Journey I confused sex with love, orgasms with acceptance, their bodies with control.  I thought I was dominating when the whole time I was a slave.  The beauty being every dark alley I ran down brought me to this beautiful palace of Light & Love.  This is just the beginning and it’s my pleasure to share all of me spill my soul, share my body  but in its new rawest most beautiful form.. ACCEPTED!  This isn’t the story or a Victim this is a story of a Victor!  Walk with me on My Journey of self discovery, self love, and self respect.  As a token of my appreciation I share with you my canvas. Today I’m smart enough to know I can only control who I am, not what you perceive.DSC_3677



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