An Unclear moment of Clarity.

imageSo many things were left unsaid it only makes sense we make our rounds every couple of years, checking in to see if theres anything new to hear.  Yet we both know same ol’ story same old show, we think we grow but in truth we don’t.  The demons that once divided will forever live between us.  The love we had being overshadowed with the darkness that overcame our tragic love story.  Cheers to the idea that you’ll always have me, truth is we could NEVER be.  Nor would I ever really want us.. you see honestly you reminded me how fucked up people can be.  I ain’t captain save a hoe no more, blessed be the person who wear that cape.  Conquering psycho trust issues, with a twist of kinky sex, your closed off heart, with a side of romantic adventures, you’re intoxicating mystery served with exactly what they could want to hear.  You’re my worst my nightmare tied to a perfect dream.


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