This is Goodbye.

It was as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me, we truly could never be.  You don’t align with my soul today, you have no idea who I am or what I am about.  My passions would make you quiver with judgement and laugh with no true understanding.  This woman before you a great mystery more so than the girl I allowed you to play with.  She has a voice, she is strong in her convictions, she goes against the grain all with love, grace, and peace.  You’ll only ever know that shy eyed girl who you watched barely come to life, because it wasn’t till she walked away from you that she was really able to sparkle and flourish.  My greatest accomplishments had nothing to do with you.  I released you that Saturday, the Universe came through and broke me free of the shackles of what if?  My dreams affirming you could never satisfy me and nor would I want you too, no one could really ever have all of you.  Too vain too let go, too ashamed to just flow, too hurt to ever really know.. Me.wpid-1ecbe37f1efaf262286ff69e68c991d9.jpg


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