Released. A stream of consciousness.

I allow my emotions to control me, knowing I live in my head.  Since I was a little girl I have always had an over active imagination.  I can be my worst enemy I’m learning now I can also be my best ally.  It’s all about perception and how I choose to see things.  Our relationships with others is a  direct reflection of our relationship with ourselves; whether it be romantic, friendships, family, acquaintances.  It all comes down to how we see and feel about ourselves.  Hence what you think of me is a reflection of you.  I can’t believe these things wholeheartedly yet contradict them with my thoughts.  These are my beliefs.  I love so deeply and fall into putting others before myself, more and more I’m realizing you can’t pour from an empty glass.  I have easily given up my power, allowing others to control my emotions.  At this very moment I sit here in limbo, for what exactly?  I know my intentions and if they truly knew me they wouldn’t question me, nor do I have space in my heart, mind, or my life for people who do.  It really is that simple, your opinion of me truly isn’t any of my business.  I can control only one person ME.

A (me) + B (you) = C (our relationship) If A changes C has to change regardless of whether or not B does.  I’ll be keeping the focus on myself.  I will embrace those who choose to join me and hold the door open for those who don’t.  Because I know the Universe will bring me who I need and thats so much better than who I want.




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