I walked in to his office aka his apartment ready to finally get pierced again, it had been years and I have a tendency to take my piercings out.  I went with a friend, she was excited to accompany me along this little adventure.  Part of me felt kind of silly a 27 year old mother of 2 getting re-pierced.  I laid there waiting in his spare room, aka the piercing palace for him to come in.  He had quite a few guests over to say the least.  He came in and I couldn’t help but feel butterflies half from nervousness and half from how utterly attractive he was.  My attraction for him made me not want to look like to much of a pussy, so I didn’t go full blown psycho scared.  I laid back as he clamped my belly button I began my breathing techniques to try and help calm me, all of which seem to fail.  Attempt number 1,2,or 3 didn’t go so well he couldn’t get it in, I think he apologized and mumbled something about how this had never happened before.  I couldn’t help myself and whispered don’t worry I’m use to it immediately we both laughed as he jabbed the needle right through.  I flinched in pain l, but didn’t want to be dramatic, he put in the earring I stood up, slowly I walked to the mirror thinking I should have skipped the last 20 meals and how much I needed to exercise.  Fuck it has been the theme of this whole silly adventure so why start caring now.  I thanked him, and he asked if we’d like a glass of wine, I one to never really entertain guys antics but this one I didn’t want to resist and said,”sure….” He smile a slight cocky oh I’ve got you now smile, as I finished my sentence”… I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind.”  Lies of course he would mind me sitting down with this sexy guy who I just met and clearly has pictured me doing some ungodly things to him.  His face got serious for a moment than he smiled even wider his eyes saying the victory got that much sweeter.  I sat at his table which was in the kitchen that overlooked the living room where all his boys were at.   As we made ourselves comfortable his boys looked over in approval, his right hand man getting up and walking over to both Lily and I sizing up who’s for who.  I usually take pleasure in shutting these guys down and quick but today, I was letting curiosity get the best of me.  He extended his hand to me first and said, “Hi my name is Steven, they call me Storm it’s my pleasure to meet you.”  Sean walked back in and said, “this is her friend Lily.”  As if he just marked his territory I couldn’t help but shoot him a sly grin letting him know I saw him, I know what he just did.  Steven immediately extended his hand out to Lilly saying some cheesy line about it being the perfect name for such a beautiful women as he sat down next to her.  Once he did I got nervous because I knew Sean would be occupying the seat literally right next to me, I would practically be on his lap.  The thought made my pussy giggle.  I fell in to a sexual daydream interrupted when Sean handed me a glass of wine I thanked him.  As he sat down I could smell him absolutely delicious , a combination of his cologne and his sweat.  He smiled we both knew what he wanted the question was to what lengths was he willing to go to get it, honestly I reveled in the idea of finding out.


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