my dirty resentments..

I’m an angry woman who was an abused girl.. she found her way through conquering bits of pain.. care to see the real me? it’ll take time.. you will have to break down the walls made of stone and tears… tears that never actually fell because to see me cry is a rare occurrence.. you want to feel happiness I can give it to you.. better than you could give it to yourself because I’d make it my priority.. DARK + LIGHT = N A T  A S H A

I’m a free spirit trapped in a cage I made myself.

You want so badly for me to write the story you’ve been waiting to read..

You want all of the real me.. RAW.. thats not to be read.. nor to be seen.. only to be FELT.

The familiar Her you know.. The Dark angel flies more freely..

You’re no longer a main character in my story..

Your tortured mind our twisted souls.. became everything we never wanted to let go.. our sex was biblical..

I sat chin on my knees, tears on my feet, hair a mess.. all while your cum slowly dripped out of me..

your obsession with my power.. you wanted so bad for me to take full control.. thinking the whole time you were in charge.. yet you still bow in my presence..

Remember when you said you would never.. well you did.. as you dripped off my chin. couldn’t help but grin.. you’d never be with a girl.. well now you’ve been..

We drove for hours never going anywhere..





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