What happens when the strong have a moment of weakness?

When the shoulder that’s usually cried on needs to cry?

When the person everyone looks to fix everything needs fixing?

When that positive light is being covered by a dark cloud?

When the supporter needs support?

When the lover needs love?


7 thoughts on “2.

  1. ;the strengths and weaknesses do not matter to me. I will always empower you
    ;the tears flowing down your cheek become my every being, I will always surround you
    ;the things that you can fix are always going flow towards you. I will always help you
    ;the light rises to the top and the dark sinks to the bottom, I will always protect you
    ;the weight you carry no matter how heavy, I will always support you
    ;the love your heart desires, I will always overwhelm you

    My name is Oshin. Let me revive you. Let me consume you. trust me as I trust you.

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