I have my phone on shuffle.. I will use the next song to come on as inspiration for a free write.. The anticipation, theres about 1 minute left on the song playing Cara de Nino by Jerry Rivera..

Melt My Heart to Stone Adele..  I’m forever excusing your intentions..

Every time you walk out that door, I’ll resent you a little more.. a decision you made; your choice.. leaving me without a voice.. 

You pretend to care, to be aware yet we all know you’re not really there..

Too Much  Spice Girls.. Too much of something is bad enough.. Too much of nothing is just as tough.. I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied..

You can justify it till the day you die.. and each time you do a little part of me dies.. a forced smile to keep you from seeing my soul cries..

Brooklyn Baby Lana Del Rey.. I think I’m too cool to know you..

It’s a natural love too pure, comes straight from the heart and awakens my soul.. a pride many claim but on a few will truly KNOW.. it’s literally the air I breathe Brooklyn it’s forever apart of me..




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