Stolen Kiss..

She sat back and stared into his eyes.  They both knew it was the right time.  She was never afraid to make the first move, but with him she didn’t want to  find her courage.  She wanted to hold back and see how bad he really wanted it.  Knowing they were on borrowed time, he couldn’t hold back any longer, he grabbed the back of her head and brought it to meet his.  He kissed her Hard, fuck romance he wanted to devour her.  He wanted to feel how warm she was inside how sweet her lips taste.  He knocked the wind out of her, she froze for a moment and than melted in his arms. One hand flew to his chest another wrapped behind his neck, on her tip toes her breast pressed against his chest.  His hard cock growing against her pelvis.  They forgot where they were and could care less who was watching.  Her hand drawn to his cock like a magnet, while he gripped her ass.  Pressing into one another her phone began to vibrate, reality began to set in.  Time was up, she pulled away hoping to continue this another day.


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