Unconditionally Hers.

Even if you’ve met her you don’t know her.  Please don’t be fooled by simple conversations or chance encounters.  She’s guarded in the most beautiful way, her heart and mind exposed to just a few.  She opens up to those who speak to her soul, you could know her for 20 years and only go as deep as the puddles she sets out as a means of distraction.  Nothing  will trigger her faster than someone comparing her to her past.  Understand she’s worked hard to be who she is, but because it’s all internal you can’t see the results.  It’s not like building muscle, it’s creating a life when her young heart runs free.  Where she can accept everyone for who they are, the biggest mistake you could make is enjoying your blissful ignorance over an erotic truth.  A truth so deep a shark could drown, she has an openness that with a little magic she will take you into a world you never thought possible.  It won’t be free you’ll have to relinquish all you’ve known to really appreciate all to come.  She can promise you answers to questions you didn’t even know existed, pleasures beyond what your 5 senses could ever feel, and a love so pure it would open a devils heart.  The choice is always yours will you live in your truth, separate ego from natural self? Or Will you live a life full of limits of which you created? Either way she’ll love you the way she always did, and always will because that was her greatest super power Unconditionally.


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