Let me try with pleasured Hands..

She laid there her pussy throbbing, her panties soaked.  Her mind was racing, he consumed all her thoughts.  It didn’t make sense, and it probably never would.  She grabbed her phone stumbled on to youporn as she reached for her vibrator.  When would he be replacing this double A monster of pleasure.  She watched as two young random girls scissored each other.  She was never one to drift off script she knew what she liked and stuck to it.  Squirters, Lesbians scissoring, and Girl alone; but tonight she needed more she wanted something that felt more like him or the closest thing to it.  He still remains her greatest mystery.  As she ventured off in search of something new, she got a text; “Hey wusup?” She couldn’t believe it, it was him at the very moment she was looking up videos to bring him to life in her fantasies.  She was giddy with anticipation, decided to take a risk “Weird, I was just thinking about you” she responded.  She imagined 20 different scenarios most ending with him inside of her.  “No way.” he replied;  thats it she thought. He was so much more creative in her imagination.  “I was wondering if you could text me your roommates number I needed to ask him a ?”  read the next text.  Here she is fucking him till kingdom cum in her mind and he has not the slightest clue.  She would have to be really blunt with him, she chuckled at the idea of sending him her drenched panties so he could see the kind of messes he creates.  She couldn’t help but laugh, “sure 555-555-5555” She replied.  Disappointed and horny she went back to what she was originally doing, Lesbian porn it is.  She began to rub her nipples as she started the video, she turned on her vibrator  and began teasing herself letting it lightly touch her clit.  She fast forward the video and watched as the brunette girl went down on the blonde, their perfectly tight bodies, perky breast, and juicy hairless pussies.  She closed her eyes and keep stroking her clit with her vibrator, once again she thought of him.  She imagined him on his knees hands tied behind his back, she pulls his hair back and spits into his mouth.  He breaks free of the scarf she had tied around his hands, he jumps on to his feet picks her up and pushes her against the wall.  His hands gripping her waist as he bites her neck.  He can feel her dripping down his abdomen, he lifts her up higher as he rams himself in.  She screams in pleasure, scratching at his back trying to break free.  He picks up speed and can feel her surrendering to him.  The closer she comes the louder she gets,  till finally she can’t take it anymore she chokes him as she peaks.  He could now feel her juices flowing down his leg, so warm he needed to taste her.  He puts her down and slams his face in between her legs, she was so sweet and warm, he could feel her trembling with pleasure.  She pushed him back he lost his balance and  hit his head on the floor.  She began to stuff his cock into her mouth reaching the back of her throat she could feel it growing even harder.  How was that even possible, she sat up and straddled him her back arching in ecstacy he went so deep.  The faster she rode him the more he moaned, he grabbed her face and kissed her as he came.  It was the first time in all their years their lips met. DING! her phone slapped her back to reality, it was him again “Thanks.”



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