The best apology you never got..

All she ever dreamed of was that one boy..

The one who would come sweep her away and make everything right..

Hug all the pain away, kiss all the bruises, and protect her from herself..

A young girl with her heart on her sleeve..

The only love she knew was hard, loud, jealous, and angry..

So what she was attracted to could never save her..

All the good guys were boring..

She lived for the thrill..

Yet found safety in his security..

He stood by loving her while she chased them..

She was blinded by lust..

Confused, she lived for a picture perfect romance..

She played in a fantasy world, because reality abused her..

He bandaged every heartache, and tried to wipe every tear..

She continued to search for what was right in Front of her..

She broke him; his heart, his soul, his ego..

Damaged.. he was on a mission; perpetuating a cycle of pain..

She wouldn’t realize till years later how she ruined his reality by chasing her Fantasy..

It didn’t end there.. she ran from safety into a storm..

She barely survived.. not realizing all this time it was a lie..

She had already let go him and their truth..

Sorry.. July 1, 2016



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