Cheers to 2017

In this new year with last years makeup.. confetti still on the floor.. contemplating 364 days.. where will I take this? What will I do? Resolutions?

I’m going to make it simple for myself I’m going to write more and judge less.. I won’t treat this as the perfect time to make any big changes, because I already know every second of every minute here is an opportunity to start anew.. end a habit, break a cycle, free ourselves from the prisons we create.. 

Growing up I feared change, death, and the unknown.. now I know I can’t prepare for death, and I embrace the other two.. it’s fear that’s the killer not what’s triggering your fear just fear in general.. we live in a society that makes you fear what you truly want and condones “safety” & “comfort”.. sometimes sacrificing passion & love.. most regret what they DIDN’T do.. 

So I’ll take the risk and dance more.. talk less.. and listen hard.. learn from everyone and everything and hope to love you all.. Loving freely with  compassion and understanding.. 

I want to continue to be more me than I’ve ever been.. 

The luck of the draw..


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