April Fool.. No more..

She awoke to the power she knew was always there.  Annoyed she’d lost sight of it yet impressed by how quickly she was able to tap into it again.  See that’s the beauty when you hold the key to your emotions, you have full control of what you feel and when.  Fooling herself into thinking that anxiety was her.  I woke up inside of her, I felt her hug the parts of me that were broken she told me we got through this once we’ll do it again and again if we have too.  I knew it was coming it was time, she was going to shake my whole world and everything I had known to be true.  I could feel that  insatiable hunger for myself, a love so pure, deep, and unconditional I could barely stand it.  I often wondered why people would run from such a strong love, why deny yourself the power of its beauty.  Now I find myself asking myself the same question.  Why do I keep running away from the love only I can provide.  It overcame my body and became me so quickly I barely knew what was taking place.  I could see my ego disintegrating into thin air as a quiet calmness of understanding and peace came over me.  She forgave me before I could forgive myself.  This is how it would always be.  She is Her and I am me.



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