They walk the Line.

She looked at him and said, “it won’t be worth it.”  His hands were already gripping her waist and she could feel the eagerness in his eyes.  “You want a bite of something you’ve always wanted to taste.  You’ve been craving it for so long you forgot what it was like not to.  If we both walk away we will always have this moment and this precious what if.  We won’t resent, hate, or despise what happened.  We get to keep the innocence in our hugs, and friendship in our kiss.  Maybe sneaky non sensical touches with electrifying thrills.  Walking up to the line but never really crossing it.” She whispered, she could feel her heart racing and her blood rushing she barely got the words out.  He lifted his hands and cupped her face kissed her forehead in the gentlest way as to say thank you.  They fixed themselves before walking back inside.



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