Shift me

And just like that her whole mood shifted.. it felt more like her world.. 

because that’s how she works her emotions control her.. 

only when she’s out of balance.. 

when there’s inner peace nothing can shake her.. 

the highs and lows now threaten to take her.. 

but like a tree in the wind she dances back and forth.. 

bending without breaking.. 

cringing from affection.. 

she can feel when it takes over.. 

jaw clenching while anger brews.. 

she gears up as the battle begins.. 

everyone around her sees stillness while the war rages on in her head.. 

lashing out at anyone who dares to interfere.. she can’t let go and you don’t know to hold on.. clinging to the familiar she finds her high.. 

takes a hit and it’s all Alright..


One thought on “Shift me

  1. If a dancer met a lover and stopped dancing, you’d question her choice.
    If you brought a flower inside and it stopped growing, you’d give it back to the sun.
    So tell me, if you’re unhappy, why are you standing still?


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