I tend to want to save.. rather than love you how you’re made..

I’ll find a ways to knock Down those walls.. and make sure my song answers to your calls..

I have this idea that we could be.. yet you don’t even really know me..

I have a way of dancing in the dark… swaying about and calling it art..

You look to me.. to cleanse your eye so you could see..

You follow my dance.. in hopes it’ll help give you a glance..

You hold on tight.. because for the first time you know it feels right..


One thought on “Fantaceasing 

  1. You’re so vain you probably think this post is about you.
    Or is it?
    …….Was it the love of your life in 7th grade?
    The one you passed on walking along the shore?
    The one with which you could never really be?
    Maybe a mixture of all three?


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