MissTress of Truth 🖤

“Teach me” she demanded.  His eyes revealed how shocked he was by her response.  “It’s not something I could really teach, that’s not how it works.” He replied.  “Anything can be taught..” she exclaimed as she began to take off her dress, he began to fidget.  “Does this make you nervous? Me naked it’s just a body I’m sure you’ve seen plenty before.  I wonder if you’ve  devoured the body of a woman who wants you as bad as I do?” She said as she smirked.  At this point he lost his “cool” he had never been with someone so relaxed and assertive.  He even began to feel nervous which was another first for him.  He leaned against the table as she walked over.  “Who says I want to devour you?” He immediately regret his response what were we in middle school he thought.  She came face to face as she looked him in the eye she gently grazed his stiffened penis.  “He does.” She whispered in his ear as she pressed her breast against his chest.  “You can play hard to get, but he will always reveal your truth.” She teased as she turned around and started to dance in between his legs the light jazz playing in the background.  He could feel himself getting more and more turned on, he had no control he was there for a reading in hopes of finding answers.  Instead she was naked creating a lot more questions.  She grabbed his hands and placed them on her waist right above her belly button.  She’s so soft he thought so small, I could easily throw her around.  That idea aroused him even more.  She turned to him “so tell me again how you don’t want to devour me?” She asked.  They were interrupted by the front door opening downstairs.  “Sorry babe I forgot my charger.” Her husband yelled.  Causing him to jump back, she laughed took the opportunity to put her dress back on.  “I don’t play well with fear, never have and you sir are filled with it.” She explained.  Her husband had left as fast as he came never questioning anything. “I’m not scared of everything.” He said.  “Well let’s see what the cards have to say?” She responded.

To be continued..


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